Technical difficulties

Apparently ’tis not the season for WordPress and PHP and my theme to fa la la la la together, so things are looking a little wonky around here. Ba humbug. Better than the site being totally down, which it was for who knows how long as I was wrapping up finals…but not that much better. […]

Boots? Really?

Should it bother me that after almost three years of blogging, people are most likely to come to my blog by searching about boots? And not just any boots, since the shoe lover in me has nothing against a classy pair of boots, but the post I wrote about Spanish women wearing hideous mukluk boots […]

The Olympics are coming!

My deep obsession with the Olympics is nothing new, which isn’t to say I won’t have more to write. But for today, I’m just focusing on getting to Portland in time to catch at least some of the opening ceremonies. Will probably take a few days off to appreciate being in a new place – […]

A few photos from California

Finally had a chance to upload some photos from my November trip to California – had a great time in SF, Berkeley, Sonoma, going wine tasting, to happy hour, hiking and shopping, shopping, shopping. Mostly it was wonderful to have a break, get some sun, and to meet up with a great friend and enjoy […]

Cooking with Coolio

For all of you who loved Gangsta’s Paradise, I bring you this. In a 2008 interview with Newsweek magazine about Coolio’s cooking shows on mydamnchannel.com: Newsweek: Who’s your main competitor? Coolio: I like Rachael Ray. I like Bobby Flay, I like all them cats. But they are not the Gourmet Ghetto, baby. My motto is, […]


The saddest thing took place behind my house today. It’s been long in coming, a plan working its way through the channels of city government and urban development meetings, winding its way through all sorts of red tape. This morning, there was a house behind mine. A tiny, dilapidated house that certainly had “condemned” written […]


This may seem a little random, but can someone please tell me how they end letters and especially emails? Letters to friends I’ve got down. Or I just sign, no salutation necessary. But lately, I’ve needed to write a score of semi-formal emails and every time, I struggle with how to end it. Sure, “Sincerely” […]