10 responses to “Decisions, Decisions: Leather Tote”

  1. Kathleen

    Madewell bag, EBE monogram.

  2. JenMac


  3. Mg

    It depends on what you like. Cuyana seems thinner but the leather does not scratch so easily. I have that in the tall, grey tote. I thought at first I wouldn’t like the Madewell because it does scratch easily but after putting the leather conditioner, (bee oil wax type conditioner), I feel like I’m loving this one even more. I got the cognac color, it feels thicker and has that aged, timeless look to it. I got them both monogrammed. I would say to go in the store for the Madewell one since I went through a good amount in the store before they brought out one in the back that was still in the plastic w/ no scratches. The others on the shelf had some scratches. The leather conditioner which darkens it a bit works miracles!

  4. Valerie

    Does it stand upright on its own?

  5. charli

    I own the Cuyana tote in the short size and I love it. I bought it in stone, and am thinking of getting a tote in black, but considering getting a madewell transport tote in black. How is the inside of the madewell tote? Are there any internal pockets in the Madewell tote? The cuyana has a zippered inside pocket and a smaller nonzippered pocket that can fit a phone.

  6. gracemoores797

    Hey! I’m thinking of the Madewell bag, too! but I’ve been reading around (decisions, decisions 🙂 ) and it seems people are finding that the unfinished underside of the straps bobbles and stains their shirts.. Have you experienced this?

    How are you liking the bag after this time?

    Thank you!!