A few random updates

+ As someone who prides herself on being really good at keeping in touch, I have been truly sucking at it lately. I have a couple of handfuls of D.C. postcards I’d like to write and get out one of these days—if only I could remember who I have already sent them to this summer. So if you get an identical D.C. postcard to one you already received…well, I have the best of intentions.

+ Also, whoops, I’m back in Austin.

+ Also, double whoops, I obviously won’t be uploading an entire month of August Break photos, though I do have some more ready to be posted when I have a spare minute (and stop binge watching random TV shows—lately, New Girl, Girls, and The West Wing).

+ School starts tomorrow, and it’s so different from last year. I know the drill. I know the tricks of the bus and the freeways. I have a job. I am (more or less) settled in my apartment. And unlike last year, I think I even have some sense of what I might want to do with myself, and three classes that go along with that idea. Kind of a novel concept.

+ After one whole day of classes—I am flying to Portland on Thursday to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding! So excited. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before so I have no idea if I’m doing it right (whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing) but luckily Megan is a total wedding badass and has been super clear throughout the whole process, in addition to being more mellow than most/all. We needed navy, short dresses—I found one I really liked at a BCBG outlet for $29 and just had to get the straps shortened. Colorful shoes—I bought two green pairs and haven’t decided yet which one to keep (they’re both kind of fab but in really different ways). If you have any thoughts on good bridesmaid etiquette, please let me know in comments. I don’t want to be That Girl.

+ Did you see that Jhumpa Lahiri has a new book coming out in September? I really love her writing, and it seems like it’s been forever, so I’m looking forward to it. Also, Zadie Smith’s NW just became available as a paperback, so maybe I’ll dive in again. I checked it out from the library last semester but it got recalled before I had the chance to read more than about 20 pages. White Teeth is one of my favorite books, and I loved On Beauty, but I thought The Autograph Man was just pretty good and I haven’t been able to get through her book of essays. The Amazon reviews on NW are divisive—people either love it or they hate it. Have you read it? Are you reading anything interesting lately?

+ I can’t remember if I told you that I bit the bullet and bought a Black Rapid strap for my camera before I left Austin in May. I went with the basic, non-gender specific one because the women’s one looks almost identical but is more expensive and that kind of marketing drives me batty. Basically, it allows you to do two main things: carry your camera across your body without having to invert the strap so the lens doesn’t stick out (with the Black Rapid, the lens hugs your body like it’s supposed to) and be able to take pictures without moving your camera off your neck at all—the camera body just slides up the strap and stays connected when you shoot. Here’s a video if my explanation isn’t making any sense. At any rate, it made carrying my camera really comfortable and pulling it up to shoot really quick and easy. I can’t think of any drawbacks versus the traditional camera strap, other than price. And $40 in cameraland is basically dirt cheap anyway.

+ Have you noticed that Feedly has integrated Pocket AND Pinterest lately? I am loving it but am going to be UBER annoyed if they convert these to premium-only in the near future. Also, I still miss Google Reader sharing—the old school version, not the later G+ version.

That’s all for today, folks. Tell me what’s new in your lives!

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4 responses to “A few random updates”

  1. Charisma

    I, too, miss GReader 🙁 but on the 🙂 side, am enjoying Feedly for what it is.

    Thanks for the tip about the new Jhumpa Lahiri book!

    Speaking of Zadie Smith — I recently ordered a copy of The Autograph Man, the last of her published books that I’ll be tackling. My favorite is actually the collection of essays, though I think that speaks more to that kind of literature (I also enjoy reading her more recent pieces in the NY Review of Books), as well as my attention span. I agree with some reviewers that NW isn’t as “tight” as her previous material, but maybe it’s the almost conversational, or even diary-like tone of the novel that made it enjoyable (for me). There are also descriptions of mobility that hit too close to home. I think I read it too fast though, and may have to revisit the novel.

    Have an excellent time in PDX 🙂

  2. Sherry Smyth

    Thanks for introducing me to new to me authors!

  3. Stephanie


    I never keep up on your blog. I just randomly get the urge to read your writing again and read through lots of posts at once. It is always so wonderful.

    Did you ever read NW? I really like Zadie Smith as well and have read all of her stuff, except for the essays. I would be interested to hear what you thought of it. I expected it to whisk me away like her other stuff, but it didn’t quite connect the way the others did.

    I don’t know Jhumpa Lahiri, but I’ll have to look (him? her?) up.

    I am back in to Brett Easton Ellis after a break. It is nice to have authors you can rely on.

    This is turning into a misplaced email. Let’s Skype soon….?