4 responses to “Lifelist check: Counting Crows live”

  1. Charisma

    As a music appreciator myself, I love hearing (about) other people’s experiences. That you brought up those BMG offers made me chuckle aloud!

    So after Counting Crows, which band next? I must admit, you’re now super spoiled in terms of live music. 🙂

  2. Jenn

    BMG! I was just thinking about that the other day. 🙂

    I love the Counting Crows — I bought August ad Everything After in high school, but really started loving it when I picked it up again after college. I finally saw them in concert last summer and it was exactly how you described — Adam Duritz is strange and mesmerizing and it made for a pretty awesome concert experience.

  3. Katja

    Oh I love Counting Crows too (and Ani DiFranco but I found her music a bit later)! And I haven’t bought the latest albums either, it’s the earlier stuff that I listened to as a teenager that has my heart. I bought my first Counting Crows album (or was it a single, I can’t remember now) on a Spring Break in Florida in 2000, I had never heard of them before that (they are not big in Finland)! It was my exchange year in the US 🙂 I used to listen to them so much in my teens and early twenties, then gave them up for years and just the other day while cleaning the house I put August and Everything After on and it was nice to hear it almost like it was new again.