2 responses to “Crockpot: the great productivity equalizer”

  1. Jenn

    I hope you’re starting to feel better! And, I completely agree with you about the crockpot. I throw on dinner before I leave for work in the morning and just that alone makes me feel like I’ve accomplished big things for the day. Plus, I can relax when I get home. Two wins! 🙂 I actually hate laundry more than most other chores, so I’m going to have to remember this next time I do it — I’m actually being super productive. 😉

  2. Charisma

    hope you feel better soon!
    walked into the living room this morning and smelled the laundry; comforting.
    just noticed that you read lysley tenorio’s “monstress?” yay, nay, or may(be)?