Same old, same old: too many thoughts, too little time (or maybe just focus?) so I thought I’d take a tip from Dani at Sometimes Sweet and attempt a Currently post. Reply in comments and tell me what you’re currently up to!

Reading: It’s been a somewhat bookish couple of weeks. In addition to reading all kinds of pamphlets/booklets/flyers/whatever about my new school and city, I’ve gotten through a handful of books: Riding with Rilke, I Feel Bad About My Neck, Bossypants as audiobook read by Tina Fey, and The Believers.  They were all good for their own reasons: much of the narrative in Riding with Rilke takes place in Austin, and specifically at the Harry Ransom Center on campus, so it was fun to get acquainted with this amazing resource through non-fiction. I also learned a lot about Ducatis, which was, admittedly, extremely random and not really in my normal purview. I’m still mourning Nora Ephron, somewhat belatedly. Tina Fey was the perfect narrator for her own memoir (not always true!) and I appreciated the feminist aspects of Bossypants. And I read The Believers in about 4 days, almost entirely on the bus. The mother character was over-the-top abrasive, and most of the other characters weren’t especially likeable either, but somehow it mostly worked for me, and that was a study in fiction all by itself. I’m going to try, really try, to carve out that time on the bus everyday for pleasure reading, at least one way each day. I started Lisa See’s On Gold Mountain this morning on my way to class.

Watching: I finally got the internet hooked up at my house, so I’ve been watching light TV on my laptop (Parenthood, the hippy Berkeley counterpart to Pasadena’s Brothers and Sisters, without the one really hot character or Sally Field but with Craig T. Nelson so it’s all kinda even), and some heavy movies (Incendies, El secreto de sus ojos). All worth a watch.

I’m also going to list the Tumblr The Thinking Tank here, as I’ve been watching (and loving) the curated images there. When I don’t have time to really read anything, this is where I turn for a little escape from the banal.

Thinking about:


Finding a coffee shop to make my own. After only one class last week, I had over a hundred pages of reading to plow through. I need a non-home, non-Starbucks where I can linger and get some reading done.

Surprised by: Many things, but we’ll go with the fact that the cold faucet water runs warm here. Like warmer than lukewarm. I have yet to use the H knob in my shower.

Making me happy: I got a teaching assistantship! This is a huge weight off my shoulders, financially, and I’m looking forward to some of the work I’ll be doing. I’m no longer unemployed!

Listening to: Lots of really bad hip hop. Too embarrassing(ly awesome) to really go through step by step. Let’s just say I’ve had Titanium in my head for about a week.  Also, Mike from Charlotte who danced like (and kinda looked like) JT – we had a whole lot of fun getting down with you to all the Top 40 hits last weekend. What a blast.

Working on: Getting back into school mode AND getting my apartment in shape. Did a little late-night painting last night, so I’m looking forward to showing off my creations soon.

Anticipating: Going to Idaho tomorrow! Our closest family friends will be celebrating the wedding of their oldest son. It’s going to be a blast. And I bought a new dress. And it’s going to get below 80 degrees at night. All of these things are making me happy.

What’s up in your life, currently?

(image one and two both from The Thinking Tank)

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5 responses to “Currently”

  1. Charisma

    hey, emily! congrats on your asstship! i hope you find a new café-home too. mine used to be 5 elephant, but i can never seem to find a seat there nowadays!
    how did you like el secreto?

    1. Emily

      Sorry it’s taken me a bit to reply – life has been chaotic. Perhaps this is the new normal.

      El secreto : intense. I love Ricardo Darin in everything he does. I wish I knew more about Argentinian history, because there were layers of the story I knew I wadn’t getting.

      Also, my stubborn insistence on watching it in Spanish without subtitles was probably kind of dumb. The accent was fairly impenetrable.

      Y tu?

  2. Kathleen

    Now that you’ve changed your mailing address like 3 times, you have to change your sidebar! You ain’t livin in MT no mo’! Also, Bossypants was funny. See you tonight.

  3. Naomi George

    I want to read Bossypants! I did a “currently” post too if you want to check it out 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  4. Danielle

    Yay! Congrats on your teaching assistantship! Loving your currently post. 🙂