3 responses to “A new view (new specs!)”

  1. jenn

    I have mixed feelings about glasses. I’m that girl who had to get glasses in the FIRST grade. And hated every second of it. As soon as I could, I became strictly a contacts girl. But, after college I started liking the look of glasses. So about six years ago I invested in a pair of crazy awesome tortoiseshell frames, which are somehow still perfect. I still get compliments when I wear them … which is sadly, only once in awhile. Unlike you, my glasses actually make me feel tired, and I hate not having peripheral vision. In a nutshell: I think they’re so cute, but they drive me crazy to actually wear.

    Btw. I LOVE the ones you picked out.

  2. Kathleen

    Wait, where did you take these photos? The top pair of glasses in the first picture are my new ones!