Let’s talk about boots (and a form of fashion passing)

If you’re not into reading about thoughts on fashion, this might not be your day.

Awkward but true fact: people are more likely to find my blog via Google using some reference to Kate Middleton’s boots, once mentioned in a post I wrote on her style and now a big topic of conversation online for whatever strange reason, or some combination of the term “mukluk boots” (a long-ago reference to wack Spanish fashion) than any other words. That, along with reading the totally vague and generally nonsensical spam comments I receive every day, makes me realize that I might need to be working on my SEO skills. Oh well.

Since I live and die by the clearance rack, I often make purchases when the season is drawing to a close, ie I bought winter snow boots in late February, after a very snowy winter, and have only had the chance to wear them a handful of times. But I got them on sale. And they will be in high demand next winter. It all works out, generally speaking.

As such, when everyone is giddy about sundresses, bathing suits (these people I find especially perplexing) and strappy heels, I’m thinking about boots. Namely, I’m sad to report that my favorite black boots are falling apart, letting in water, and generally looking a little bedraggled. I’m realizing that they are probably not long for this world.

The thing is, I bought them 2? 3? winters ago at Old Navy. I think they were $20. Or maybe $35. They are not real leather. They are black and leather-esque (I refuse to use the term pleather!) and look like this, but less ugly and fake suede-y:

I like that they are flat. And comfortable. Vaguely riding boot-looking, but a bit more modern. They can be dressed up or down, worn with skirts or pants.

And, if I’m being honest, I also like them because people consistently think they are much fancier than they are.

I recently went through a similar situation with a Botkier for Target clutch I bought a long time ago. It was gunmetal and looked like this:

Worked for brown, black, silver, whatever. I don’t want to spend a lot on a clutch, since I’ll inevitably be leaving it in the dark corners of bars. This one was small enough to be “night-worthy,” big enough to hold my point and shoot camera. Wrist strap. Perfect. Until it was so hot on the rooftop of Caesar’s Palace one (very) late night in Vegas that the finish on one whole side literally came off in my hands. Ah, the wonders of not-leather goods!

After lots of searching, I ended up replacing it with this bag from Forever 21: vaguely gunmetal, “leatherette” (thanks for that one, F21!), smallish and good for going out. It’s fine. But it won’t pass as being high end, like the one I replaced.

And I’m still on the hunt for some flat black boots.

What are your favorite sources for cheap fashion? Do you care if your clothes seem nicer than they are? Any recent steals you’re dying to recount?

(and any genius ideas for me in the boot department….?)

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