3 responses to “Spring Colors Week: Day 5 {white}”

  1. Mom

    So of course my favorite white photos are the ones with a bit of yellow peeking out – the wrapping paper, the yellow flower or the bold and beautiful yellow couch. Gotta love that yellow. But then you already knew that about me. I’m disappointed the color week is over. Isn’t a week 7 days? Can’t we have two more?? Say…..orange?!

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  3. Mego

    3 things:

    1. I love color week.
    2. I share your passion for Crayola Bold Markers. I can’t find anywhere that still sells them – I wish I’d kept the box I had 15 years ago.
    3. The picture of the couch on the porch is what my dream porch/outdoor space would look like. Dreamy…