3 responses to “Mimi, and writing about grief”

  1. mom

    Wow, Em, this is so beautiful. And I thought I was done crying. I’m sending this to my sibilings and Gramp. You’ve said what we’ve all been thinking, but with such grace! Mimi would be so proud.

  2. Kelly

    Beautifully written. I think sometimes writing about the people we’ve lost can be a gift to everyone who is still here. Keeping you and your family in my prayers today.

  3. Jenn

    This is such an amazing and beautiful post, and it’s completely stuck with me since I read in a week ago. It was a post I really had to think through before I could even think about how to respond. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing person (I LOVE that she subscribed to Vogue into her 80s :), and it’s amazing that you will have so many great memories of her to hold onto and tell your kids one day. Grief is such a crazy thing, really. My grandmother died, wow, close to 10 years ago now. At the time it was really hard, but more of a huge relief because she was SO sick. I’ve found over the last couple years that I miss her more now, want to share things with her and have her involved in our life. I’d never realized how strong and valuable great memories can become. And, it’s really prompted me to create amazing memories with the people I love that are still with me.

    All that to say, I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. And, really appreciate your words.