4 responses to “The year (of food) in photos”

  1. Rocio Rincon

    I love your food styling! The pictures are great!!! I’m hungry now… : )

  2. Leigha

    This post made me hungry. Really, really hungry. Thanks (I think…).


  3. Seattle flashback: a day at the market

    […] {backstory: in November, I went to visit a bunch of friends in Seattle. We all worked together as camp counselors in NE Washington for a number of summers and most of the crew migrated to Seattle for college or post-college. It had been way too long since I’d seen them. We had a wonderful long weekend, reconnected and laughed and danced and ate lots of good food. And went to Pike Place Market one Saturday. When I got home, I got Lightroom, which I’m still trying to organize just right (hmm…kind of like my house) and so everything is now behind schedule as far as photo uploading goes. But what’s new. So far, I’ve written about my Seattle IKEA trip and The Seattle Public Library. A few Seattle food photos also made it into my year-end roundup.} […]