8 responses to “The score (not the soundtrack) to my thoughts”

  1. Nicole

    I can’t work without music on in the background… somehow it helps to drown out the ‘real’ background noise. (Or dreaded silence.) I have a higher tolerance for hearing the same music over-and-over (and over) than probably is normal, but picking an album/ playlist on repeat is my favorite working music. Preferrably something you know well & have already heard a million times (CDs from high school are perfect for this :)… it then is able to fade into a nice background noise, rather than being something to focus on. Not *exactly* what you asked for, so I’m curious to see what everyone else suggests!

  2. Amy @ Journey Mum

    I’ve been largely without music for the past year while I’ve been on maternity leave. I really do miss it, and every time I happen to listen to it I think, why am I not listening to music more often?! That’s one reason to look forward to going back to work. I spend about an hour a day on public transport and have a little mp3 player that I take with me. Sometimes I even listen to it in the office, one ear bud in, one out. Like I said, it’s been so long since I’ve really listened to music that it is hard to think of good recommendations. The Little Women soundtrack is lovely, of course Lord of the Rings as well, Enya is lovely but not always without singing.

  3. MaryWig

    I wish that someone would prepare a soundtrack to my life. I need one, but no time to investigate. I will be watching this space in the hopes that YOU will figure it out, and in turn, pass it on…

  4. Kelly

    I do that slowly-turn-the-music-down thing too! (I also do it in the car if I have a passenger, because I can’t listen to both the stereo and the person at the same time.) There is some nice music from Pride and Prejudice, and I love listening to the soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands (however, I think that’s pretty recognizable). I found a few nice pieces via Pandora.

  5. Steph

    Bonobo! Jazz / DJ that is my background (and sometimes foreground) music. Maybe what you are looking for? Spotify ‘Days to come.’

  6. Swoosh

    Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky are two of my favorites for background music: long songs, often mostly instrumental or, in the case of Sigur Ros, with lyrics in Icelandic or a made-up language. They both the linguistic part of my brain un-distracted and the music part happy. Yep, I am reading back posts on your blog with my morning coffee. (At least I’m not sending pre-6 a.m. emails – that is always a bit embarrassing, for some reason.)