3 responses to “Overheard”

  1. jenn

    In Oregon we have mail-in voting and no stickers. I always feel so left out. Oregon powers-that-be need to take note also.

  2. Mego

    Hi Jenn! We must be neighbors! 🙂

    I agree – the Oregon vote-by-mail system is hard to argue with, since it increases voter turnout, but it’s so anti-climactic! In 2008, the Portland Obama campaign office was giving out stickers that said I ALREADY voted for Obama!, which I really liked. Maybe they could have the “I voted” stickers available at the drop-boxes?

    I’ve never gotten to go to a polling place to cast my ballot. Someday, hopefully…

  3. Old NFO

    No stickers in the SC absentee ballot either… Swiping this but will give you credit.