7 responses to “Feels like fall”

  1. kalanicut

    I love your collage. Awesome elements and well put together. I’m so into a good northern fall but living in SoCal there really is no such thing as fall. I guess the visual of it all become more romantic and charming to me because of that. 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the rest of the BYW class.

  2. Jenn

    Hi! Just found your blog (through blogging your way!), and I love this fall collage. Fall is my favorite, and that outfit is so put together, yet so cozy!
    I read the Stieg Larsson books last month and LOVED them. They are really hard to put down once you’ve started 🙂

  3. Katja

    Love the collage, such a perfect autumn feeling to it.
    I haven’t read the books but I’ve seen the movies (the first one was the best, the second and third were not as well made in my opinion but Noomi Rapace is amazing in each one of them! It will be interesting to see the American versions of the movies, I can’t imagine anyone else playing that part!)

  4. Kelly

    Love that chunky sweater – looks so comfy!

  5. Mego

    I read the first book, which was good, but that was enough for me. I mean, I liked it… I just didn’t want to sign on for more of the… um… shocking and disturbing writing. I may read the other two in the future, but I needed a break!

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