5 responses to “Sweet kicks”

  1. Kelly

    How fun! I haven’t tried designing my own yet, but I did buy a pair of shoes that someone else designed on Zazzle — and I love them! I think it’s so cool that the shoe companies are doing this now. Are you going to buy them?

  2. Laura@HappyHomemakerUK.blogspot.com

    Hi Emily,
    Love the idea of these ‘design your own’! I’ll have to check this out 🙂

    Also, finished reading ‘Little Bee’ over the summer. Great character development, don’t you think?

    XO Laura (from BYW)

  3. Mego

    I designed my own Converse Jack Purcells a few years ago… My only caution is that the colors that show up on your computer screen may not be accurate representations of the colors of the items AND YOU CAN’T RETURN THEM. I thought I was getting some sage-ish green shoes and ended up with NEON! GREEN! So, picking a color like purple that doesn’t have any horrible shades is a great idea. 🙂