5 responses to “An ode to the personal letter”

  1. deanjbaker

    good to see this

  2. Claudio

    Va a karma el solguajiro

  3. becky

    OH, I’m with you, I used to be such a good pen pal with my friends, and it was fun doodling, throwing funny things into the envelope, stocking cool stamps, and looking forward to the mailman’s arrival. Now when I hear him at the mailbox, I fill with dread at the bills and junk I’ll have to bring into my house, basically unsolicited!

    While an email gives instant gratification, I long for letters and stationary and postmarks!

  4. ayearofletters

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Letters are wonderful; and I love everything about them – the paper, the ink, the stamps, the handwriting and most of all the content.

  5. Happy mail day

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