Boots? Really?

Should it bother me that after almost three years of blogging, people are most likely to come to my blog by searching about boots? And not just any boots, since the shoe lover in me has nothing against a classy pair of boots, but the post I wrote about Spanish women wearing hideous mukluk boots when it’s 100 degrees outside?

Here’s today’s top searches:

mukluk boots,  eskimo boots,  women wearing boots,  semana santa sevilla,


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2 responses to “Boots? Really?”

  1. Mego

    OMG, I’ve got you beat.

    You want to know what is always the number one search item for people who find my blog?

    you porn

    I am not making this up. I have never, EVER said those two words together on my blog. Or any blog, for that matter. Until now. So welcome to the world of searchable you porn. It’s completely and utterly confusing.

  2. Emily

    you porn?

    (we now realize that by writing this here, I’m going to be getting the same search words….)


    That does make me feel a little better…