3 responses to “My love/hate relationship with HGTV”

  1. Julie E.

    I try not to get too obsessed with all this but always keen for home inspiration…http://www.diigo.com/user/juliee/house (and no, my bookmarks don’t include Unhappy Hipsters).

  2. Mego

    I know it’s weird and more technical than you’re probably into, but I always find a couple cool things on Lifehacker. They were the ones who gave me the idea of buying a can of chalkboard paint and going to town on anything I could find (except the walls, since renting has its limitations). They also have a cool idea for making solar LED lamps that I might do for my deck/picnic table this summer. Check out all their DIY projects:


  3. The Making of a Home Renovation Show

    I agree! Ever since the early days of Trading Spaces, I have wanted to make better programming for TLC and HGTV. I am getting close! And the plan is to make a show totally different that what has been on in recent years. Check out my progress….
    “The Making of a Home Renovation Show”
    -Brian Kelsey