Moving up in the world

After 7.5 long years by my side, my Toshiba laptop, a high school graduation present from my parents, finally restarted for the last time. Along the way, I replaced the hard drive, upgraded memory, bought a new power cord…but the $150 flat fee to resolder the plug-in spot (name for this? no clue) to the motherboard seemed like just a bit too much to help it limp along any longer. And so, after about 3 or 4 long months without a computer at home, I finally was able to save up, bite the bullet, and get a new computer – another Toshiba laptop. The first one treated me so well, with no real issues over that whole lifespan, that I decided to stay with the same brand and style – but with some serious upgrades. I’m psyched. I’ll finally be able to check my email over the weekend, catch up a bit on Flickr uploading, reconsider designing a personal site (as I’m getting kind of tired of all of the limitations), and…post to the blog more often! Hooray! I think the couple of months that the dead computer sat sitting under my bed helped eased the separation anxiety – but in case I had any lasting qualms with starting fresh, here’s a little comparison.

Old computer New computer
Hard drive 30 GB (updated to 160) 500 GB
RAM 128 MB (updated to 512 – the max allowed) 4 GB
USB ports 2 (USB 1.1) 3 or 4, including sleep and charge
Weight At least 10 pounds Half as much
Battery life Maybe an hour at first, but eventually, three minutes Up to 7.5 hours
Price Almost exactly half of what my parents paid

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