Who says there's no such thing as free?

Other than for flights and magazines, have you ever used your frequent flier miles for anything good? I was convinced that they were sort of useless under 25,000+ miles. I’ve done the magazine subscription thing before, some magazines I really liked and others that just accumulated on my nightstand, but then I got word from United that my paltry 12,000+ miles were about to expire. Figured I’d just renew some magazine subscriptions, but they seem to deal only with newspaper subscriptions – and I have a pretty good hookup there. Buying miles to bridge the gap between what I had and a free flight didn’t make any sense.

But looking through their version of the SkyMall, I found a few things that were available for my miles. One was a baking kit from OXO – the bowls looked awesome, I’d use the measuring cup, but I’m not much of a baker and a lot of the stuff would just sit in my kitchen pantry, never to be used.

So, after some deliberation, I decided to go with the OXO Pop containers – ten of them. The little pantry space I have is sort of a jumbled mess, and in the spirit of my current organizational overhaul, I thought they might reduce some of the random baggies of bulk granola, sunflower seeds, and the mysterious duplicate cereal boxes (I somehow bought the same knock-off cereal twice, once from Albertson’s and again from Safeway. Go figure.) Mostly, pushing the button to release the airtight seal is strangely gratifying.

As amazing and fun as these are, along with the fact that they make me feel sort of grown-up, I was amazed to find out that this little set is currently on sale at Macy’s and elsewhere for $99.99! My set arrived a few weeks ago in the mail, totally free, didn’t have to pay shipping. And yes, I’m feeling quite smug about it all.

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