A few of my favorite things


Analyze this how you will, but I have been on a serious design kick in the past couple of months. I’ve always had sort of a thing for interiors, subscribing to Domino even when I was living in a one bedroom the size of some people’s closets. Maybe it’s all those years in graphic/web design. What can I say? I like discussing fonts. A Pantone chart brings me great joy. At any rate, this is what’s been catching my eye lately.


Skansen, this crazy awesome Swedish open air museum/folklore theme park in Stockholm (ok, so hard to describe) recently opened an online Swedish version of their amazing boutique, with an English version coming this month.

Design Stockholm

Speaking of my love of the Swedes and their design-y capital, I adore this basket from Design House Stockholm. First saw the bike basket version in Oprah magazine, then have seen it here and there on flickr. Not sure why it makes me smile, but it does.

panic and freak out

From the funny folks at TypeTees.com (a division of threadless. com) comes this t-shirt, a nice counterpart to the ubiquitous  “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Someone needs to make fun of it already.

pantone pannetone


As seen on pan-dan (via Apartment Therapy), some clever Brits brought together pannetone, the Italian Christmas bread, and the above mentioned Pantone color chart. How cool are these?

dark photo

As I’ve been trying to learn more lately about exposure, I’ve been really drawn to dark photography like this lately (seen on desire to inspire), especially in magazines like Saveur and Gourmet. And no, I haven’t actually made a single recipe out of either mag. The photos just feel so winter-y, especially when it’s so flipping cold here.

Eames Stamps

A design-conscious flickr friend of mine sent me a link to these Eames rubber stamps. I’ve been using the U.S. Postal Service version for a while, but these would be a fun little addition to the flap of an envelope.

magnet vases

Who knew the Spertus Institute for Jewish Studies had such cool stuff? I love these sleek magnetic vases, held in place by magnets under the tablecloth. Their Twisted Into Recognition exhibit also looks fascinating.

Vivienne Tam HP

And finally, who knew that a computer could be so pretty? The Vivienne Tam HP Mini “digital clutch” is just that.

</dream sequence>

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4 responses to “A few of my favorite things”

  1. mego

    Love it. Particularly that shirt.

  2. Charisma

    Oh my; that basket is totally gorgeous! The world needs a more budget-friendly version, though.

    Do you know Blue Art Studio (http://blueartstudio.blogspot.com/)? I’ve been eyeing the “Chair Exam” poster for a while now.

  3. miamired

    I hadn’t seen the Blue Art Studio before, but that chair exam poster is pretty sweet. It’s something that would look nice in a simple (ie cheap) frame, and that’s something I try to keep an eye out for.

    Nothing here was chosen with budget in mind, but if there was an even slightly more budget-friendly version of the basket, I would have it. I like something so traditional-looking done up in bright green plastic.

  4. Emily

    My brother bought me the Eames stamps for Christmas, and was like, “Damn, Em. You post this list of things you like right before Christmas, but all of the stuff is super expensive! Help a brother out!”

    Oops. I honestly didn’t think of it as a Christmas list at all. Or even a list of things I might ever expect to have.

    But the stamps are pretty awesome.