3 responses to “Spain…On the Road Again”

  1. Charisma

    I’m becoming–how do you say?–slightly OBSESSED with this show. It’s during the same time slot here as “The Simpsons,” but I find myself favoring the culinary road trip over the long-standing comedy. I do love the rapport among the cast, but especially between Bassols and Bittman. Also enjoy the theme song.

    Watched an episode last night featuring breakfast on the Plaza de la Corredera, Bittman baffled by Bassol’s insistence on healthy living through olive oil.

    To think, I had a “sudden” craving for pa amb tomaquet this morning…

  2. miamired

    Well color me jealous…the Barcelona pt. 2 episode aired here on Sunday, which led me to believe the Córdoba episode would be coming up this week. Hmmm…

    I read they go to Sociedad de Plateros in Córdoba, but didn’t realize La Corredera, probably my favorite hangout spot, was also featured. I’m excited!

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