How many metros have you been on?

Combining my love of travel and graphic design (especially logos), I found the site kind of fun. It displays subway system logos from 162 cities, which you can click on to create a “badge.” My badge isn’t too impressive, but it made me remember some of the funkiness that can be found underground in some of my favorite cities. I love the Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre stop in Paris and the funky Calatrava-esque metro entrances in Valencia.  I miss the Russell Square stop I lived near in London and felt a different kind of loss when some of the London bombings took place between there and King’s Cross a few years ago. Plus, every tourist finds the “Mind the Gap” warning on the Underground charmingly British. It also made me want to go to Moscow, even if I spend most of my time going around in circles underground along with 2.529 billion other riders annually. TripAdvisor lists the metro as the #4 of 195 attractions in the city!

So, how many metros have you been on? Which are your favorites? Which do you avoid? Am I the only one who enjoys checking out subterranean travel options in a new city (and the myriad people watching opportunities they offer)?

RomeSan FranciscoMadridValenciaLondon
BrusselsParisBarcelonaParis RERCercanias Spain
San Francisco MUNIPortoLisbonSevilla
Got at!

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3 responses to “How many metros have you been on?”

  1. mego

    LOVE it! I had some favorite stops in Paris as well.

    The MAX light rail in Portland has one underground stop and it reminds me a little bit of Europe every time I’m there:

  2. Rhiannon

    you forgot SEPTA! how could forget our multiple journeys to Food Tek?

  3. miamired

    Duly noted. I have no idea how I could have spaced Food Tek, seeing as how they provided me with both financial security and scrumptious cheese steaks. (plus, adding SEPTA made my badge symmetrical–hooray!)