Commercial break

Two commercials have really caught my eye in the last week or so during the painfully long breaks while I watch the afternoon news. For whatever reason, they are both from energy companies. Sort of ironic that energy companies are talking about the future and saving the globe while encouraging people to use more of their products, natural gas and electricity? Perhaps. But these are just so purdy…

The gist of this one is, “We invented the wheel, we explored space, we invented immunizations, we have constructed cathedrals and pyramids, and even created Peter Pan. If we are capable of doing all of this, how are we going to be capable of saving what’s most important to us? (cue tattoo of the Earth) Invent the future.”

The next one is from Endesa and begins with the kid at the breakfast table telling his parents, “Mom, Dad, I am going to have a kid.” The idea is that this company is thinking of the kids of your kids–the kids say “I want to be a parent like you guys.” “It’s time to start thinking about how we are going to raise our kids.” I especially like the little boy with the megaphone at 0:24 who adds “Without exaggerating that all of the times that came before were better. I don’t believe it!” Kind of funny that their idea of raising kids is saying yes to everything. “Yes to riding an elephant. Yes to sending me postcards from Saturn. I want my kids to live with nature like it was their roommate” (hence the kid with the monkey). Anyway, it’s cute and pretty clever.

Today is my last day of school and we have reached the mid-week point of the fería, so more posts are on the way.

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  1. stephanie

    aw – cute to bits.
    i like both of those. are they seriously commercials though? they are so epic. they must be for the insomniacs who can’t bear the 3 hour nap time.