Giving it another go

(Before the updates, an update: When I added an accent to the title of my Picasa album featured in this post, it changed the web address. Oops. The links are now updated and should work OK.)

Hello all. A few small updates.

1. Zapatero won the election, but it was fairly close. As for my comment about vice presidential candidates, I later learned that you vote for a list of all of the people of the same party, and Zapatero is just one of them. So his VP will go on ruling the country. Or so they tell me.

2. Rajoy conceded defeat without ever saying Zapatero’s name. Lame.

3. The trip to Arcos de la Frontera and Cádiz went well. Arcos is your classic pueblo blanco, incredibly charming and filled with tiny winding streets. We ate well, we walked, we had coffee at a Parador and felt quite chichi. Most importantly, I got to play dress up. Then in the morning, after Alma voted, we went to Cádiz and enjoyed a walk on the beach, some pescaito frito, and the streets of Cádiz, quite different when there aren’t a million drunk people there in costume during Carnaval.

Check out the photos.

4. On Thursday I leave for 5 days in Paris with my friend Adam. As many of you may recall, I went to Paris a few years ago and, despite being able to recognize Paris’ beauty and intrigue, mostly wasn’t able to appreciate it for a number of reasons, among them the freezing cold, the unbelievable Parisian prices I was not prepared for, a run in with French police, and a very nasty bout of food poisoning. So I am giving Paris another chance. I think going in March, and for a shorter period of time, are both good moves. I am ready to like a city I would like to like but mostly didn’t like the first time around. That was quite a sentence. So we’ll see.

5. I’ll be back in Córdoba on Wednesday morning early, after catching the 1 am bus from Madrid. This falls clearly under the heading of young and stupid, but I didn’t want to waste money on a hostel when I can get back to my own bed, recover on Wednesday, and then try to do something (beach maybe?) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Semana Santa. I feel like I’ve been having nothing but vacations since I got here. You don’t hear me complaining. Currently everyone at my school is bitching that in April, we don’t have a single day off. Oh, the horror.

So I will report back post-Paris, let you know if it won me over. Hope all’s well. Wish me luck and an open mind!

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  1. Letty

    Hey Emily,
    Remember me from Spectral Fusion? Hope you have fun in Paris. Carrie and I are going to Europe this summer…maybe you could show us around Spain?
    Also, I love reading your blog : )