No responses to “Why I Hate El Corte Inglés”

  1. ann

    if you run out of jif, i found pb at mercadona.

  2. Formenager

    Como dirían los abuelos, tendrías que haber estado en la guerra.

  3. Becky

    Thanks, as always, Emily! My day is happier as you entertain me. I feel like I should send you a subscription fee — it’s truly the best reading I do! I wish I were there with you…. some fun would go down.

  4. Nueria

    Si desprecias tanto el corte inglés porque no esta a tu altura,prueba en sitios més sofisticados si es que puedes pagarlos, o prueba en carrefour a “pedir atención personalizada”

    Hay personas que tienen morro de rico, y bolsillo de pobre ..
    A mi siempre me han tratado muy bien en el corte inglés,mejor que en otras tiendas

  5. miamired

    For those in need of a translation of this (semi-hilarious) comment:

    “If you dislike El Corte Inglés so much because they are not at your level, try more sophisticated sites if you can afford them, or seek personal attention in Carrefour [aka French Wal-Mart].

    There are people who have the nerve of the rich, but the pockets of the poor…They have always treated me well in El Corte Inglés, better than in other stores.”

    I was unaware only the rich have the right to complain, or to be treated fairly.

  6. Ana

    Thank you so much for that wonderful text about Corte Inglés! Simply wonderful. I know I am very late with posting but I have just found your blog. And the best of it is Nuerias comment, hilarous. Here you have the evidence why people like it there. It’s “pijo”. And Nueria is definitly one of them. I love Spain and Spanish people in general but I will never get used to the “Pijería”. Can’t cope with that ridiculous speudo-poshness.

  7. miamired

    Thanks, Ana. Glad you found the blog!

    El Corte Inglés is one thing I DON’T miss about Spain. : )