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A few of my favorite things

Analyze this how you will, but I have been on a serious design kick in the past couple of months. I’ve always had sort of a thing for interiors, subscribing to Domino even when I was living in a one bedroom the size of some people’s closets. Maybe it’s all those years in graphic/web design. […]

The private made public

Ever since I decided, about a year and a half ago, to start a blog, I’ve been a bit wary of the medium. I never wanted to have a LiveJournal-style place to ramble and air out all of my emotions and angst. Most of my “deep thoughts” will be permanently contained within my (real) journal, […]


I lost a good friend yesterday to brain cancer. Of course, it’s selfish to look at it that way, especially with Noah, someone who knew everyone. So many people are grieving. But grief is such a personal experience, something every single person feels differently. My sister is reading Man’s Search for Meaning, by Viktor Frankl, […]