News flash: Ricky Martin lives!

And he’s even put out a song I really like, with La Mari from the Spanish group Chambao. She also sings in a new commercial for Andalucía.

Who knew he has so many tats?

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No responses to “News flash: Ricky Martin lives!”

  1. Christy C.

    Man, i hate to say it, but Ricky Martin is sooo much better en Espanol.

  2. Mom

    Where is this Ricky Martin??? There is a blank space with not so much as one tat. What the heck? Rest of pictures are great. Nice to see your smiling face….but what about Ricky’s??? Hope you are making copious notes about all the best places, Tapas, sights, restaurants, so when we come you can really give us the best of best.

  3. Emilia

    Your school district has a prejudice against YouTube. It’s blocked. I am sorry. No Ricky for you.