Up, up and away!

This is my last night in Missoula. The last weeks have been a total blur of packing, a garage sale, moving things to Great Falls, visa drama, nicer meals than normal, and lots of goodbyes. I’d love to write a thoughtful reflection on my past years here, how I’ve grown, what I’ve learned, things like that, but I’m too busy stepping on the scale, off the scale, on the scale holding one of my bags, and then praying I’m under the limit. It will be a close one. Apparently Lufthansa has different restrictions than their United partner? Doesn’t sound like the smoothest partnership to me. I’m a touch concerned.

It’ll be a late night of trying to clear out the last goods, put things in the garage, address every last minute detail I’ve thus far forgotten. I have quite a bit left to do, despite my best intentions.

Leaving tomorrow at lunchtime. Should be in Córdoba about 24 hours later–will let you know when I am all settled. Wish me luck!

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  1. Rhiannon


    I just wanted to comment on your awesome blog. I guess that makes this a meta-comment?