one magic word: "enroute"

As anyone who’s been keeping up on me knows, I’ve become borderline loca about checking for my visa status.  One might say it’s kept me up nights, but that wouldn’t entirely encapsulate this obsession. More accurately, my concentration in most aspects of life has suffered, not unlike a junkie needing a hit. It’s always there, always taunting me. It’s ever so tempting, even when it’s mostly disappointing.

The visa saga is intense and long-lived. All I really can say about it is that I called last Thursday. They said to call back in a week or two (um, I leave in less than two…?) This morning, I try again. 4 times. Brusco dude on the other end of the line keeps transferring me to unmanned/disconnected/voicemail-full extensions, thinking he’s getting rid of me. But I’m too clever/persistent for that mumbo jumbo. By call number 4, he tells me my visa has not yet been approved IN SPAIN. Minor breakdown, have a few tense words in Spanish with said hombre, try calling my pal Javier at the L.A. education office, who says his hands are tied. He refers to the process as “long, hard, a little bit magical and a little bit mystical.” Looking into changing my flights. The euro has hit an all-time high, says The New York Times. I’m in trouble.

Then tonight, in a moment of masochism, I decide to take a hit and check out the aforementioned USPS site. My visa is ENROUTE. This morning, not approved in Spain. By the consulate’s closing at 2 p.m. they’d received the thumbs up, printed up a visa sticker, affixed it in el pasaporte, and mailed it in the envelope I provided. Hell yes.

This adventure is actually happening.  More soon. This means I really do have to get all of this stuff done prior to the 24th..things that make you go hmm…

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  1. Becky

    Hey Emily: Was excited to see your e-mail with your new contact info and…… blogness! I too can now – hesitantly – join the rss world as you drag me along so I can stay in touch! I’m hook’d up and while not your “Mom – this is for you”; I did sign on and will look forward to your always excellent writing; and with it usually some good laughter.

    Safe travels to you Ms. Emily! It was so good to share some time with you last week and get caught up — the visa folk should hire you on!

    All my best to you.