The 411

Phew. After what seems like forever, I finally have some info.

 1. I’m moving to Córdoba, a city of about 320,000 in the south of Spain. I’ve been there– for one night in 2005 which also happened to be my 21st birthday. Probably wasn’t in my finest tourist form.

 Regarding Córdoba, Let’s Go says, “Once the largest, most decadent city in Europe, and now just the prettiest.” recently featured Córdoba as its featured travel destination: Strolling Córdoba’s back streets. (thanks, Beth)

The New York Times has written about it, too:

2. I’ll be teaching at a public elementary school for 3-12 year olds close to the city center. I’m excited—what an amazing age range, huh? Should be an adventure. I’m currently trying to stock up on some cheap kids’ books—simple is better. Suggestions?

3. I bought a ticket, so assuming all goes well with my visa, I’ll be departing on Monday, Sept. 24. Seems simultaneously way too far away and right around the corner.

 That’s the big news. My plan is to find housing with Spanish students once I arrive, so I won’t have an address or any of that jazz for a while, but I’ll be checking my email and uploading to Flickr (Emily05MLE) regularly.

 So now, my first homework assignment for all of you: Can you recall any games, books, songs that totally rocked your 3-6 year old world? I need your help! I’ll post as I have info. Hope you’re all staying cool! As hot as it’s been here, it doesn’t compare to Córdoba, which has Europe’s highest average temperature. Perhaps I’ll be requesting CARE packages of sunscreen…Hasta pronto!

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  1. Estela

    Hello Emily! Are you from Montana and you’re going to come to Spain? wow how wonderful!

    Are you going to work in a school?? I’m also an English teacher! and i have to say, that it is fantastic. children are so nice, funny, and it is a great experience teaching to children and watching that children are learning…

    I also have to tell you that Córdoba is so nice. I’m from Murcia but I lived in Cordoba during 10 years. So if you need any information about Cordoba or something about children and the school…write a message here!

    good luck Emily!