The start of something(s) new

After 23 years living, working, and mostly studying in Montana, it’s time for a change.

I’m a little hesitant about joining the blogging world. Can my random thoughts and (not all that interesting) musings be used against me in the future, Facebook-style? Will I be writing out into the wilderness, with no audience except my best friend(s), my mother, and perhaps some internet creepos? Will I be mistaken for just another self-involved, self-impressed blogger with an inability to use spell check? Perhaps, on all of these fronts. Except the spell check.

But come September, I’ll be moving to Andalucía, the southernmost province in Spain. (looking to add that lovely accented i, but don’t want to switch to a Spanish keyboard? put on NumLock, hold down Alt, then 161— just a little dork trick I picked up. Windows only) Not sure yet where exactly I’ll be living, in a grand city or a pueblo, but I am certain they’ll speak Spanish and that’s OK with me.


Andaluc�a, Spain’s southermost region


I also figure this is one way to keep in touch, to supplement my photos with some colorful commentary. So we’ll see how it goes.

Initially, I am hoping to figure out how to load my Google mash-up, my version of a Visited Countries Map, into this page.

Wish me luck!

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