The power of a three day weekend

Chiming in here just to remind myself what a pleasant, rejuvenating weekend this was—a much needed change from the pace of life lately.

Sat in the shade at the park this morning, reading a magazine and eating breakfast tacos while Riggins was (somewhat miraculously) very calm, despite loose dogs and bike bells and big trucks passing not so far away.

Went out to dinner and to a play with a friend on Saturday, enjoying the slightly-cooler-than-normal weather as we strolled through campus, me noticing changes both good (public art) and weird (an Amazon store in the gym and a soon-to-open on-campus Target).

Celebrated my recent promotion at my favorite restaurant in Austin.

Spent a fair amount of time playing with my Pantone swatches and looking at fonts, two things that bring me joy.

Found gas at one station in my neighborhood despite the idiotic run on gas in Texas this week. At least I know I’ll be able to get to work for the next four days.

Fixed a few small things around the house that have been driving me crazy for a while. Felt very pleased with myself.

Hooked up my new (humongous) monitor which I got free from work. Caught up on a bit of work, which was unsurprisingly made much easier due to this new monitor currently occupying my entire coffee table.

Had a dance party to an Ed Sheeran song, which was just…weird, on many levels. But also fun and silly.

Prepped for my upcoming trip to London and Amsterdam, the first time I’ll be back in Europe in over five years.

Baked brownies and am now about to watch Julieta, Pedro Almodóvar’s most recent film.

What a difference an extra day makes!